The Network engineering is a complex complete circuits.  Through it we connect many areas together. Like computers, pads, telephone networks.  In addition it can connect electrical devices ( Sockets, Lighting).  More over you can enjoy connect most of electronics equipment as well.

Network Engineering

Security works could be Intruder alarm System, CCTV and most of  devices which can be apply in security field network.  All these devices can be controlled by the Network Engineering Technology Science.

Security Engineering

Some of the works has been done in middle east countries.  And Pepsi Cola building is one of  our work in Baghdad.  The work was involve in many areas including Electrical and Electronics.  Like installing elevators, all the electrical work installation ,lighting, and Networking

Electrical Engineering

The  world becomes small and more easy to be controllable by users or by the engineers who connect all of varies technology as all in one place.

Internet of Things

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Multimedia is taking a wider place in the world of high Technology environments.  Because it is part of  computers, network, communication, electronics and electric equipments.  Therefore it has richness in many aspects As it shares all these science in one box of  Technology System.

Multimedia Technology System