Intruder Security

We help you to use the latest technology related any kind of  the wide verities of Security equipments.

You can have both of the intruder security and cctv system to be link together and alarming you whenever you are in the world..  

Security Engineering Technology

There are a lots of varieties regarding Security System.  That is  including designing, evaluate cost of Project and installation for Intruder Security and CCTV System.  Therefore we are simply doing all the work from A to Z.  Our business involve in the latest technology in the market. However we can summarising the jobs we do in this field as follow.

  * installing and programming intruder security equipments.

  * Advice, purchase and design CCTV Mapping System and intruder security  for small and medium       business.  

  * Upgrading and maintenance.

  * Consultation for your project.

CCTV  Network

Intruder Security

CCTV System

Connecting all the cctv devices with your networking, so you would have full control of your business.

Complex Circuits connecting


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